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At Concierge Orthopedics we challenged ourselves to find a way to assist individuals who need help with their health, our patients & individuals who are offering their expertise in physical therapy, as providers.  That is why we set out on a goal to help both sides of the spectrum to really make a lasting impact & facilitate change. Check out how we are making a difference below.

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Providers offer initial evaluations, daily visits, ergonomic assessments, manual therapy visits, trigger point dry needling, telehealth & kinesiotaping.  Treatments are always one-on-one with the therapist to truly customize care & speed recovery.

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Concierge Orthopedics makes it easy for physical therapists to do what they love.  We provide support for any PT wanting to see cash-pay patients. From documentation, social media, taking patient payments, to personalizing home exercise programs, we have you covered.

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