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Backpack Basics

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Back to school doesn't have to come with back pain for our little (or not so little) students. Take a look at Concierge Orthopedics four simple tips in our newest video to prevent common aches and pains caused by ill-fitting backpacks.

  • Straps: Straps are adjustable for a reason! Make sure the heaviest portion of the load hits at the base of the child's spine. Straps too short cause excessive lumbar extension and straps too long cause poor posture with excessive thoracic flexion.

  • Load: Control the load carried in your student's backpack when possible. On days with heavier loads have the child remove some of the books to carry them in front of their bodies to balance out the weight.

  • Symmetry: I know it's cool to use one strap! I used to don the same look at school along with single-strapped overalls. But let's get with the times and use both of those straps. When student's use one strap they tend to elevate one shoulder higher than the other. Unilateral shoulder blade elevation over time leads to all kinds of movement disorders contributing to shoulder, upper back, and neck pain.

  • Size: Preschool backpacks aren't just cute, they are safe for little bodies. I vividly remember packing my preschoolers backpack wit hall the required items and turning to quickly catch her as she headed straight back to the ground. I'm all about independence for preschoolers but we also need to be aware of developing spines and the loads placed on them. Opt for backpacks that go no longer than your preschoolers bottom!

We hope these tips help you guide your students safely back to school.

Need more personalized tips or care? Find a provider near you on our specialists page! Or reach out to CO leadership for more information.

And congrats parents, we made it! Cheers to us!


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