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Beers, Bands, and Boats.......

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

But probably not the kind that first come to mind! Check out what one of Concierge Orthopedics PTs, Dr. Katie Noble, was up to this weekend.

I recently hosted “mini-PT sessions” in my community. After a local yoga class, I offered complimentary movement and injury screens, along with pain-relieving treatments like soft tissue massage, dry needling and KT taping.

Not only did I have a great time and gain new patients, I was reminded that putting myself out there, although intimidating, leads to great opportunities in life and business.

The event took place on the lawn of a local brewery that hosts yoga on Sundays. I reached out to the yoga teacher after class one day and asked if we could collaborate. The yoga teacher was gracious and enthusiastic about teaming up.

Honestly, I didn’t know exactly what my mini-PT sessions would entail, but I gave myself space to figure it out. An important lesson I’m learning by owning my own practice is that it’s ok to think creatively and I don’t have to have everything figured out to start something new. I have faith in myself that I’ll get to where I need to be.

For marketing, the restaurant’s social media team created a Facebook event. The brewery is well-established in the community, so this really helped spread the word farther than I could myself. I also reached out to people I know who practice yoga and might be interested in free PT.

The day of the event, I brought my portable massage table and supplies to the event. I participated in the yoga class and, immediately after class, the yoga teacher introduced me. I gave a short explanation of what I do and encouraged anyone with questions to participate in a mini-PT session. I chatted briefly with each person, took them through a short evaluation, and offered advice for their next steps to address their health. I also offered manual therapy, dry needling, and training advice.

This was an important experience for me as a new business owner. I had wanted to partner with the yoga class for a while, but I was afraid I’d get shot down, or no one would be interested. Neither of those things happened. By putting myself out there and offering my skills, I made professional connections that translated into new patients. Plus, I had a lot of fun during the mini-PT sessions.

Doing yoga, drinking coffee and talking about physical therapy is my idea of a good time.

I also invited current and past patients to the yoga class and mini-PT sessions. I have held two separate mini-PT sessions and, at each one, my patients offered unsolicited glowing reviews of working with me to other people in class. I’m humbled by these kind words and it reminded me that people are excited to recommend services they love. Most importantly, it was a reminder that I’m doing the work I always intended to do: use my skills to make my community a better place.

As a business owner, I have the freedom to offer my services creatively, and the mini-PT sessions were a great start.

Interested in booking with Dr. Katie? Or reading more about her? Check out her website linked below.


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