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Build Your Brand

Hey guys! This is Kayley Hall. I’m the social media director for Concierge Orthopedics and today I want to talk to you a little about building a personal brand on Instagram. So what is a personal brand? Basically the way people outside of your social circle perceive you online. You want people outside of your circle to interact with your instagram or social media accounts because that increases your circle by up to 300-400% daily. So how do you build a personal brand online?

First of all, we want to start with building a professional or content creator profile. You have the option to build a business profile but as an individual without a LLC you don’t want to do that because you could be legally liable for any copyright music in the background of the videos. With a creator profile you don’t have access to the same tools. You really don’t need all of the insights or analytics that a business profile gives you. Now that we’ve built our business profile we need to set up our actual profile, the physical one. First step, your profile picture. You want something that shows your full face and something that shows eye contact. Avoid wearing hats or sunglasses . You want people to be able to engage with your photo and make eye contact because that builds trust and you establishes you as a person rather than a robot or online profile.

The next step, building a bio. There are three key elements to building a good bio. The first element is the hook. You want the beginning of your bio to build interest and grab attention. You want people to read the very first line of your bio and think “I want to follow this person. What can this person do for me?” Anything from back cracking to cupping to dry needling. If you are really experienced in postpartum care you can market yourself to moms everywhere. The second key element is going to be your call to action. You want to give people somewhere to go or something to do. Say things like “visit the link down in my bio or DM me for a consultation.”

The third key element is a link in your bio. You always want to have somewhere for people to go.....somewhere that creates cross traffic with your brand. This keeps people focused on your brand and what you are doing. It increases your chances of making a follower or a customer out of those people.

Last but not least is content creation. We will definitely talk about this in another video. A lot of people get really nervous about content creation but I’m here to tell you as a social media director that you DO NOT NEED TO BE NERVOUS. You don’t have to be a photographer, graphic designer, or even a professional in content creation. What you need to do is focus on your strengths. As a physical therapist or small business owner, what do you know that others don’t? What niche can you fill that teaches people something? That gives people a call to action? Gives people something else to look at?

We hope this video was helpful. We will get into more content creation in the next video. We are so excited to be starting this series on our Instagram. If you have any questions or need help, you can visit my instagram, the link in our bio, or DM us and we will get back to you.

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