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Cheers To One Hell Of A Year

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

What a difference a year can make! One of my best friends often says "your life can be completely different one year from now." At times that's something you choose, but often it's something you experience because of loss and love and

The changes in my past year occurred from a combination of choices and life itself.

One year ago this month Concierge Orthopedics onboarded its very first provider on our new platform. Since then, we've grown to provide services from coast to coast with almost 40 physical therapists.

We have seen more than growth in numbers. CO also grew in the value and products we offer our providers.

To name a few.......

  1. Forum for provider and patient discussion on our website

  2. Membership pages on our website to connect with other providers

  3. Social media library with updated content monthly

  4. Templates for marketing material

  5. Quarterly webinars for providers only

  6. One-on-one's to create action plans for marketing, business, and social media

  7. High quality workbooks

  8. Blog posts focused on success, marketing, and treatments

What will the next year, month, weeks, and days hold? I don't have a clue but can't wait for the ride!

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