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Creating Content

First things first, don't be intimidated about creating content for social media. We are here to help!

Be authentic with the content you post.

You are not trying to "play the part," you think other creators are playing. This doesn't work for a few reasons..... 1. Authenticity is easy to read across social media, if you don't actually care about or like what you're posting, people will know right away! 2. There is already someone filling that "niche" of content for people, so by copying them, you're saturating that niche and you won't gain traction when someone else is already doing it better. 3. It's so much easier to come up with content ideas, post quality content, and enjoy it when you're being yourself!

Evaluate what content is grabbing your attention.

What posts make you stop, look, and listen? If the content grabs your interest it will likely speak to others as well. Create the content you would like to stop and look at or watch.

Consistency is key!

Sticking to a schedule improves your posts' performance through the algorithm. Look at your analytics to find out the times your audience is most active. For the majority of medical and self-care accounts, posts perform well when uploaded between 6 and 9 PM, but this could be different for your demographic!

Choose 3-4 "content pillars" and stay in those lanes.

We often hear the term "content pillars" in social media, but what does that mean and why do you need to know? Essentially, it's jargon for categories that your content will fall under and these "pillars" will support your brand identity. I like to imagine these pillars as physical columns, supporting and holding up the brand I'm working towards establishing, creating something that looks like a mini pantheon. These pillars can be anything that has to do with you, the brand, or things you believe in and support. For example, if you are a physical therapist with 3 kids and you love CrossFit, your pillars could be: 1. your fav area of PT to work, 2. Mom life/ relatable family content, 3. Fitness & health, 4. Time management/ how you balance all of these pillars! Using your personal experience makes it so much easier to create these pillars and subsequently, brainstorm content that goes in these categories. Once you have your pillars selected, you can brainstorm content ideas and when posting to your social you can ask yourself, "does this support one of my pillars?" If not, it's not on brand and it won't help grow or establish your business! We have an amazing workbook we offer our PTs that breaks this down further so if you're interested in getting a copy, shoot us a message!

Always crosspost to the holy trinity: Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.

This is a major pro-tip from the industry, the more you can use the same post, the better! These three platforms create the most ENGAGEMENT for businesses, so while people can still find you on Facebook and your grandma might be liking your posts, the holy trinity is where we find the groove. These platforms also allow you to "socially integrate" other platforms, meaning you can link from Pinterest to Instagram, Instagram to TikTok, and TikTok to back Instagram!

BONUS TIP!!! Instagram is the center of the social media universe. Use it accordingly.

This is an industry secret you can usually only learn through experience but I'll let you in on the tea, the sun revolves around Insta. This platform has been built for businesses and you can link any other social platform back to your Instagram. This is where we tell our story through posts, reels, and things literally called "Instagram stories", this is the powerhouse of engagement for your brand. It allows you to take it down a notch, relate to your followers, and showcase your business on a personal level which in this digital age, is what people are craving!

In summary, be human, be real, and stick to what you know! Your people will find you in no time!

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