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Doctors of PT

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

"Help.......I'm hurting and looking for a massage therapist or chiropractor!"

A phrase I hear a lot and it is my cue to advocate for my profession. So what are doctors in physical therapy?

Doctoral trained allied health providers specializing in helping patients reach their goals surrounding physical mobility, pain reduction, and function. In short, we do a lot of things!

So how are we trained?

  • Bachelors degree with all of the required prerequisites for admittance to PT school

  • Application and acceptance into an accredited physical therapy program

  • Three years of comprehensive classes and internships with hands-on treatment time

  • Curriculum includes extensive anatomy and physiology courses, musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment, cardiopulmonary courses, exercise physiology and prescription, pharmacology, pathology and much, much, more.

  • Passing scores on the NPTE, national physical therapy exam.

  • Licensing through the state you choose to practice.

Doctors in physical therapy are well educated trained medical professionals ready to help you with a variety of ailments. Check us out today!

Learn more about our specialty training with this blog post.

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