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Dr. Shania Grode: She's the One

I could not be more thrilled to interview and feature Dr. Shania Grode this week. Shania stood out to me from our first conversation. I knew she had the drive, skills, and personality to grow our team and impact the health care community. Dr. Grode not only teaches at Orange Theory fitness, treats patients, but she also works as our recruiter. Count yourself lucky to get on the other side of the phone with her! Take a look at what she has to say about her practice.

What is your favorite thing about being a PT?

I enjoy helping others achieve their goals by transferring my knowledge as a doctor of physical therapy into their toolbox as a patient.

I always say, “I want to be your PT for life, but not every other day for 365 days out of the year.”

I love being able to give each patient I treat the tools they need to get better on their own, so they no longer need me once they graduate from physical therapy care.

Why did you want to go into cash-pay?

I value being able to get patients better faster without having to worry about how I am going to fit all of my agenda into a 30 minute session. Being able to treat autonomously in a one-on-one environment and having time to think as a clinician is extremely important.

In the cash-pay setting, I am able to go above and beyond – raising the bar for treatment standards by tailoring each program to meet the needs of each patient as there is no restriction in terms of how I treat or what methods I use.

I value treating in an active manner, without the use of passive means, to achieve optimal results more quickly.

How has your practice changed since joining CO?

As a doctor of physical therapy, diagnosing injuries has also been a passion of mine and being able to link the puzzle pieces together and develop a prognosis is extremely rewarding. There are no “face sheets” in private practice, so as a clinician, you create the “face sheet” and utilize your doctor of physical therapy skills to reach a conclusion as to what the patient’s diagnosis is. It is so rewarding to discharge a patient and feel confident that they will continue to make gains beyond the walls of your treatment session since you have truly been a part of their PT care since the beginning.

How is Telehealth changing the face of healthcare and how is it beneficial to you and your patients?

Virtual treatment sessions are convenient, efficient and portable. There is no commute time and they can be completed pretty much anywhere. I have found Telehealth to be very helpful when treating individuals with kids, not having to worry about child care prior to or during a PT session. I have also treated a lot of patients virtually who have been exposed to various viruses and do not feel comfortable attending their in-person sessions. It is also readily available for those who do not feel like they have the time to commit to their wellness goals.

Telehealth creates an environment where people are comfortable in their own home and allows for gains to continue even when life gets busy.

How did you find CO?

I have always had a passion for starting my own private practice physical therapy clinic; however, when I graduated, I was apprehensive about delving into my own practice alone as it is a huge career leap. After extensive research on LinkedIn and my first phone conversation with Kelli, my whole perspective of being nervous about private practice physical therapy changed.

Concierge Orthopedics was what I had envisioned creating my own practice would be like without having to delve into all the logistics of cash-based PT solo.

The endless opportunities were what drew me in and the ability for growth was something I could not pass up.

What can you tell us about your hiring and onboarding experience?

Working on the administration side of Concierge Orthopedics has allowed me to meet a variety of well-rounded physical therapist candidates from a wide array of niches and backgrounds. I have been able to reflect and appreciate the level of professionalism that is required to be on our team. CO values punctuality, growth, trust, drive, care and holistic treatment approaches from each therapist on our team. I have been able to promote and advance a company that I am truly passionate about and have become more proficient about the behind the scenes work that is part of running a world-class physical therapy practice.

What are your goals for the next year of your CO practice?

I want to continue to make a difference in the community of Wisconsin and really get the word out there that it’s not always about focusing on rehab when you're injured, but rather the preventative measures that are essential so that injury does not occur in the first place. I also would like to work with athletes more regularly as I am extremely passionate about fitness. I plan to reach out to local recreational sporting teams and I have had a particular interest in hockey since college. I plan to implement a partnership with local teams with preventative warm-up measures and provide PT insight into what is best for maintaining a healthy lifestyle beyond the bright lights of game day.

What is your favorite part about working with CO?

I love the community at CO as I value learning about treatment techniques through other therapists. I also enjoy seeing all of the different settings of private practice and events that our company has created through collaboration. The beauty of our community at Concierge Orthopedics is that the opportunities are endless and I love how each PT on our staff is always willing to share their experiences with others.

We are truly all in this together and each day is a new beginning to grow as a professional and make a difference in the lives of our patients that will last a lifetime.

What tips and tricks can you share with other PTs to recruit cash-pay patients?

Finding your niche is key. Who do you want to market to? Once you have decided what the answer to that question is, gyms are an excellent resource for marketing. Whether it be Silver Sneakers classes, boutique group fitness or simply sports complexes, the options are endless. Beyond the walls of a fitness facility, once you as a therapist start making a difference in your community, word travels and patients converse with their friends, who then become referrals. When your outcomes as a therapist are exposed, patients will continue to come to you for the value that you provide and the knowledge they receive. Fitness and physical therapy go hand in hand and as a personal trainer and physical therapist I strongly value a fitness-forward approach in my practice, which has allowed it to grow since the first week I signed on with Concierge Orthopedics.

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