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February Feature: Dr. John Kuhn

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

You'll fall in love with Concierge Orthopedics February feature PT. Meet Dr. John Kuhn. A West Virginia native that climbed his way to the Colorado mountainside to treat rock climbers, trail runners and all the outdoor adventure seekers he can find!

Check out Dr. Kuhn at work.

What is your favorite thing about being a PT?

  • My favorite thing about being a PT is being able to people get back to the activities that they love! The area I live in has a very active population, so this usually involves activities like rock climbing, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, skiing, paddleboarding, and kayaking. I love that as PT’s, we get to use exercise to help people heal in ways that medicine and surgery cannot.

Why did you want to go into cash-pay?

  • I wanted to be able to provide PT services in a convenient way to rock climbers at my gym. As a rock climber myself, I feel that the classic outpatient PT clinic is not equipped with the equipment or the knowledge of the sport to provide optimal rehab for rock climbers. I also wanted to be able to offer dry needling to climbers and other friends without having to deal with reimbursement issues with insurance. Cash pay allows PT’s to provide the treatment that patients truly need without the constraints of trying to meet unit quotas or following a strict model set by the owner of the clinic to maximize the clinic’s billing.

How did you find CO?

  • I first started my search because I was looking for a job that I could do part time to help me make a little extra on the side to help pay off student loans. I wanted to work at my own pace without any productivity standards. Concierge was exactly the kind of job that I was looking for and is the first of its kind that I have encountered. Concierge provides the platform for a PT to practically run his or her own business without having to deal with getting a business license, malpractice insurance, and other things that can seem daunting to start up a PT business.

What can you tell us about your hiring and onboarding experience?

  • The hiring and onboarding process went very smoothly. I had several conversations with Kelli where she outlined the company’s model, and we brainstormed about what I wanted my version of CO PT to look like. I appreciate that the onboarding materials are provided as PDF’s so that I can always look back at them for reference if needed.

What are your goals for the next year of your CO practice?

  • My main goal is to become the preferred health care provider for rock climbers with musculoskeletal pain in the Grand Valley region of Colorado. My secondary goal would be to be known as a provider of cash pay dry needling services for outdoor recreationalists in my area.

What is your favorite part about working with CO?

  • I love the flexibility to work as much or little as I want. I also love being able to offer treatments like dry needling and soft tissue mobilization as a-la-carte treatments.

Dr. John Kuhn, DPT

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