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First Feature of 2023.......Dr. Babjide "Ben" Ogundipe

Concierge Orthopedics took some time to catch up with Dr. Ogundipe and learn more about his story. Take a look for yourself!


Happy New Year! My name is Babajide “Ben” Ogundipe PT, DPT based in Bowie/Annapolis, MD. I am excited to present myself to Concierge Orthopedics as a clinician with 15+ years of experience, with the mission of returning function, mobility and happiness to all patients.

My journey in physical therapy began in the outpatient setting in 2007; later to transition into home health in 2009. In the home health setting, I developed my love for the aging population who desired to “age in place.” I specialize in home- based interventions to include home safety evaluations, transfer training, ambulation training, stair training, balance training and fall prevention training. In addition, I also provide patient and caregiving classes focused on caretaking for mobility impaired patients.

March 2020 changed everything!! The Covid pandemic lead to a surge in demand for the home physical therapist, as the aging population desired maximum mobility and independence in their residence, due to fear to leave the home. This presented challenges to patients, their families, and therapists as insurance limitations often provided a barrier to the fulfilment of the patient outcomes and desire for extended therapy frequency in the home.

Discharge visits often ended with one question asked by the patient or family, do you see patients on the side? The pressures of achieving goals in shorter therapy frequencies, increasing patient dissatisfaction in incomplete goals, a growing frustration of documentation, and convincing payors as well as administration for additional visits have led me to Concierge Orthopedics.

Kelli has provided such a great partnership that is supportive to creating a cash-based practice in our communities.

In 2023, I look forward to reviving the mission of returning function, mobility and happiness to all patients in the home and/or outside the home, as we become more comfortable in community settings such as gyms.



Interested in seeing your own patients on the side?

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