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Have you heard?

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Concierge Orthopedics is growing! Thank you to all our patients out there over the past six years. You paved the way for a greater vision and expansion.

The past five months brought growth and opportunities I could never have dreamed of when I started CO in 2016. We now have 20 providers throughout the country and we won’t stop there.

Our mission…..

Enable patients nationwide to receive physical therapy services in the comfort of their own homes.


Because you deserve it. No one wants to share their appointment with three other patients. And why should you? We are raising the standard of care.


Reach out to us today and we will find a provider that fits your needs and services your area. Don’t live in one of our cities….no sweat. We offer Telehealth visits as well.

We are making it easier for patients to receive the direct care they need. We want to enable our patients with tools to manage their pain independently. This begins with a thorough, personalized evaluation and treatment customized to you.

Stop sharing your physical therapy sessions. Book today!


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