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HIIT Me With Your Best Shot

The month of march we covered soccer, golf, and running. What if, like myself, you have no athletic ability but love to work out?! Where does that put you? What is the most effective way to have lasting calorie burn and all the exercise endorphins?

Look no further! It’s through high intensity internal training, AKA HIIT. The goal of HIIT: reach 80% of your heart rate max for 12-20 minutes. The results: increased calorie burn at rest for up to 48 hours.

Did I have you at increased calorie burn?

How do you calculate your max heart rate? Take 220 and subtract your age. For example, if you are 40 your heart rate max is 180 beats per minute. Eighty percent of 180 is 144. To reach the maximum benefits of HIIT workouts, keep your heart rate at 144 or slightly above for 12-20 minutes in a 45-60 minute workout.

220- your age = Heart Rate Max x 80% = Your target BPM for HIIT

After calculating your target BPM, let‘s talk about the best HIIT workouts. You won’t find anything better than Orange Theory Fitness (if it’s in your budget!). YouTube provides hundreds of free workouts for every time limit. Don’t let HIIT intimidate you! Every person can easily create their own HIIT workout.

Creat your own workout:

  • Pick 2 high intensity exercises

- think jumping jacks or burpees

  • Pick 1 core exercise

- planks or bicycle crunches

  • Set your timer and grab your heart rate monitor

  • Perform each exercise for 45 seconds and rest 15

  • Crank up your favorite tunes and watch that heart rate sore!

Remember to make your movement fun! For more ideas on exercise reach out to us below. Scared to move because of injury, book an appointment with your nearest provider!


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