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Marathon Madness

A lot of work goes into getting those cool stickers you see on the back of cars. 26.2 miles isn't an easy feat. Today we speak with our favorite marathoner, Mandy Piper, PT, about her training regimen for the upcoming Boston Marathon.

Here are her tips........

  • Quality over quantity

- One tempo run for one hour

- One long run a week

- Build up your milage with time.

- 3rd run of the week is a walk/recovery

"I only run 2-3 times a week."
  • Cross training

- Bike or elliptical twice a week to prevent injury

  • Strength training

- Twice a week, also for injury prevention

- Focus on core and lower extremity exercises

  • Stretching

- After every run, cross training, and strength training.

- Foam rolling is a great tool to incorporate for mobility and stretching activities!

  • Pre-run activity

- Mobility exercises

- Use exercises that focus on hip extension, calf dorsiflexion and trunk rotation.

- Runners lunges with trunk rotation (AKA Worlds's greatest stretch)

-Heel stretches on a step or heel rocker

- Downward dog with alternating knee bends

- Activation exercises

- Focus on core and hip muscles

- Bird Dogs

- Clam shells

While we still think training for a marathon is madness, we hope Mandy's tips steer you clear of injury and pain during your training. Here's to a terrific race day!

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