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March in Manhattan

Meet our March highlight PT, Dr. Olivia Gregorio. Olivia is a new grad that came out of school knowing she wanting to fill the gaps of traditional care with concierge services. She is smart, innovative, and hard working. You will love learning more about Dr. Gregorio.

What is your favorite thing about being a PT?

PTs get to wear all different hats in helping people reach their goals - educator, coach, collaborator, problem solver - that make everyday feel new & require us to think on our feet and think outside the box in order to provide the best quality of care for patients. We also work in a variety of settings that allow us to work with all different populations!

Why did you want to go into cash-pay?

Before earning my doctorate and becoming a licensed PT, I worked as a personal trainer and strength coach in person and virtually. To this day, I still identify my treatment style as "coaching". We know as PTs that pain is multifactorial, meaning that there can be various underlying contributors to the way someone is feeling - stress, nutrition, lifestyle, etc. - and providing cash pay services allows me to address all potential factors in a comprehensible manner without external constraints of time or limitations to a particular body region. Cash paid services also lend value to specialty populations I work with, such as those with chronic pain, jaw pain, or vestibular conditions, that may need a more holistic and involved approach with lifestyle change in addition to traditional PT interventions. While in PT school, I also started a virtual secondhand clothing business on the side, and knew from there I enjoyed growing my entrepreneurial skills.

How has your practice changed since joining CO?

I started my CO practice with in-person performance and fitness coaching; some of which included teaching other healthcare professionals how to utilize and program equipment such as barbells, kettlebells, and landmine.

I now also offer mobile PT for movement assessments, and pop-up recovery clinics for active individuals in Pilates and in weightlifting.

How is Telehealth changing the face of healthcare and how is it beneficial to you and your patients?

Telehealth allows for greater access to care in an increasingly busy society! I myself am a patient who utilizes telehealth services. It demonstrates the importance of having a provider who you feel is truly listening to you and answering your questions. I am a huge believer in the power that education has in relieving pain. With telehealth, your provider will empower you by equipping you with tools to relieve pain at your own pace, versus relying on someone else - demonstrating that you are resilient, capable, and have input in your therapy. How did you find CO/What is your favorite part about working with CO?

I found CO when seeking out telehealth options as a provider that would allow me to have flexibility in caseload, setting, and hours as I gained experience as a new graduate. What I love about CO is the consistency of support and the business mentorship you can seek out at your own pace. I can focus on cultivating work-life balance for my personal goals of financial stability, while also being able to focus on growing as a clinician without feeling like I have to handle business practices all on my own. What are your goals for the next year of your CO practice?

My goals are to continue providing mobile PT and performance coaching services, in addition to providing greater access to care via telehealth for specialty populations including patients with TMJ, vestibular conditions, and those looking to improve running performance.

Down the road I would like to start online fitness classes and programming for individuals with vestibular disorders.

Interested in booking with Dr. Gregorio?

Learn more about Dr. Gregorio and follow her here.


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