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Marketing for Cash Pay Services

One of the most frequently asked questions on our interest calls is "how do I get patients?" Well.........I've got a few ideas. I've been seeing patients for cash for the last five years. Why? I was tired of insurance companies limiting the number of visits for patients. I wanted to spend the entire visit one-on-one with patients. I didn't want a manager telling me how many visits to "capture" from each patient. I want to see patients when they need me. I want to discharge them when it is appropriate. But mostly, I want to empower the patient to treat themselves and the therapist to do only what they love, treating patients.

So how do we market at Concierge Orthopedics? I first ask therapists to consider which physicians they have relationships with already. Do you know them personally? Have you worked with their patients? Let those referral sources know the services you offer. Highlight your strengths. Display confidence in your ability to take the best care of their patients. Plan a morning to visit these offices. Physicians often rely on a referral coordinator or medical assistant to send physical therapy referrals. They act as a gatekeeper. Think about what you want to say to these individuals and tell them why they need you to treat their patients. Gone are the days of expensive lunches sent to physician groups for marketing. Be personal and specific with your marketing. Be consistent. Pay attention and value front office, staff. They are often your primary source for a referral. At Concierge Orthopedics, marketing looks different for each therapist. In the featured picture you see two of our providers in The Woodlands, TX out marketing. They worked with our social media director to create pamphlets to hand out to patients and brought along a small treat for the office staff. They were personable, specific, and consistent.

More and more states are moving to direct access for physical therapy providers. Legislative change opens up new opportunities for therapists, especially those offering cash-pay services. Who do you know that has run out of visits or can't make it to traditional outpatient clinics? Where could you meet these patients......on the a gym?

One of our biggest hurdles as a company is explaining why patients benefit from cash-pay services versus traditional outpatient orthopedic services. Have patients calculate how much they pay for visits using their insurance. Patients typically pay a co-pay as well as co-insurance of 20-30% of charges billed. Often, the total price is close to the prices charged by our therapists.

Concierge Orthopedics provides marketing workbooks as well as marketing material to our subscribed therapists. For more information, reach out to us below and schedule a 10-minute interest call to see if you are a good fit for our team.


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