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Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Hello from Kelli Chandler and Concierge Orthopedics! I'm the face behind a lot of the blog posts and I wanted to drop in to show some new things added to our website for our providers.

We are coming upon the one year anniversary of our new business plan. Six years ago I started the company to create something that I couldn't find in the market. I wanted a place where I could treat patients on my own without insurance and in their homes or offices or playing fields. Talking to therapists throughout the years I saw the need for more PTs to get into cash-pay services. We as a company said "how can we enable more therapists get into the cash-pay business?"

Our solution was to build out a framework that allows providers to sign on with CO through a licensing agreement and have their own CO wherever they are located. We now have over 30 providers across the country in less than one year. We continue to build out the framework and add to the products we offer our providers.

Some of the products offered to our PTs now include templates for marketing material. Our own social medial director has created templates for business cards, social headers, menus of services, and power point presentations. All of these products can be downloaded or printed and used to advertise your services as soon as your onboarding is complete.

Another company goal reached in July includes beginning our company-wide webinars. We plan to continue quarterly webinars to reinforce the community built from all of the brilliant minds within CO.

Lastly, our website now features a social media library. Kayley Hall works hard to provide bi-monthly sharables for all our therapists to use on their personal social media accounts to market their services. These graphics now "live" on our website where subscribers can log in and "shop" for a post at any time.

CO continues to strive to improve offerings and services for our providers and patients. We would love to hear how we can help you or any ideas you have to help cash-pay physical therapy! We are all in this together to change the face of healthcare!


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