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Mind the Gap

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Have you ever ridden the Underground in London and heard the announcement “mind the gap?” That’s what I think of when I speak to our providers about potential cash-pay patients.

The first question I get from Concierge Orthopedics applicants is always "how do I get patients?".

The aim of cash-pay PT isn't to take patients away from traditional outpatient practices, but rather fill in the gaps of care.

Those gaps include...........

  • Athletes returning to sport too early

  • Patients with multiple injuries and limited visits

  • Moms with newborns unable to come into the clinic

  • Business men and women working long schedules outside of clinic hours

  • Patient's released from home health but unable or uncomfortable coming into the clinic

  • Patient's needing urgent care prior to outpatient waitlists allow

  • Families needing assistance for home safety while caring for loved ones

Once you begin thinking of underserved patient populations you realize the benefits of cash-pay. Who doesn’t want care delivered to their home when they don’t fit into traditional services?! Another benefit of being a CO provider includes setting your own fees. If you choose to deliver care to under-insured patients and make it affordable, our leadership supports you.

Want to find out more about becoming a provider?

Want to book a one-on-one and with our founder and CEO to discuss your own cash-pay practice?

CO is here for all of it! Our company passion is to bring physical therapy and allied health to more patients. We aim to educate our communities on benefits of our care. We feel cash-pay unrestricted services are the first step.


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