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Onboarding Process

So you want to be your own boss? You want to join the elite team of providers offering cash-pay services to patients nationwide? Well what does that process look like?

Our onboarding process takes place in four steps. First, potential providers book a call with our founder and CEO Kelli Chandler. During this 15-minute call Dr. Chandler and the provider get to know each other. We want to learn where our providers currently work and what prompted them to reach out to Concierge Orthopedics. We explain how CO bridges the gap to allow physical therapists to provide cash-pay services within one week of subscribing. Our therapists work under the Concierge Orthopedic business license. Providers receive malpractice insurance and use our fillable pdf forms for documentation. Every patient receives a "superbill" at the end of treatment to be used for out of network insurance reimbursement. Therapists use HEP2Go to send personalized home exercise programs to patients. One of the biggest perks to our subscribers includes social media services provided by our in-house social media director, Kayley Hall. CO wants potential providers to realize the benefits of professional community and expert mentors that they offer. When the therapist and Dr. Chandler feel moving to the next step is appropriate we move forward with a second meeting.

The second step includes a 20-minute zoom call. Applicants hear specific details on tools CO provides to therapists. The zoom call is an excellent time to personalize goals for each therapist and see where they fit into our business. Are you wanting to see patients virtually? Do you have a specific group you want to target, i.e. runners, dancers, bikers? Are you interested in providing education for patients at high risk for falls? We discuss potential referral sources and how to leverage those relationships. Applicants have time to discuss the information and ask any questions they would like.

Third, applicants receive and review our licensing agreement. Our licensing agreement lines out specifics of our relationship, fees, and reimbursement. If CO and the therapist feel they are a good fit for each other the licensing agreement is signed and returned. Onboarding is scheduled and a start date determined.

Fourth and final is our 45-minute onboarding zoom call. Therapists learn to take payments, generate a superbill, document, and much more. After the call our subscribed therapists submit pictures and bios for our website and are ready to see patients. Virtual business cards are provided within one week of sign-on to begin marketing your services.

At Concierge Orthopedics we pride ourself in being patient and therapist centered. Our providers do not have a minimum of visits needed for each month. Patients see the therapist as often as both parties find appropriate. Our goal is to empower the patient to treat themselves, manage their pain, and reach functional goals.

If you are interested in setting up a call for more information, fill out our contact form at the bottom of the blog. We look forward to helping therapists over the entire country return to what they love, treating patients.

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