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Our Most Asked Question.......

Any guesses?

"Do you take insurance?"

Our answer: YES

Concierge Orthopedics has partnered with Reimbursify to verify benefits and file claims for our patients. What does this mean for you?

For Patients:

If you have private pay insurance, not federally funded Medicare, Tricare, or Medicaid, then you can use your out of network coverage for visits from your local Concierge Orthopedics provider! Not only that, you can instantly learn your out of network deductible, how much you have paid towards that deductible, and the reimbursement rate for our services upon submission. If your provider takes part in our Reimbursify subscription they can tell those numbers instantly. If they don't, no sweat! You can still check your benefits here on our website under "verify benefits" and the report will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Even more, your provider can submit your claim upon taking payment. You won't even need to file the claim! We instantly file for you at the time of your visit. All payment is taken at the time of your treatment so you will NEVER receive a bill in months to come.

For Providers:

You no longer lose referrals due to "not taking insurance." When a patients asks, you answer YES!

Providers with Reimbursify subscription receive a code to instantly verify patient benefits. You can provide the information to them in the grocery line, ball game, or book club. At the time of the visit you file the claim with a few simple clicks and short form. Patients increase retention and number of visits when they are reimbursed by their insurance. Checks are sent directly to the patient and the Reimbursify team helps trouble shoot any denials.

Providers not taking part in the Reimbursify add-on subscription can still have patients verify benefits on our website. CO mails the benefit report to patients within 24 hours of request.

Our partnership with Reimbursify is yet another way to enrich provider memberships and reach a broader patient population.

So let's give it a try!


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