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PTs That Train

Some common misconceptions about physical therapists.........

1) They take you for a walk.

2) They all follow 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

3) I only see them because my MD and insurance says it is required.

4) They hurt you!

We are here to clear the air. Not only are all of these incorrect, they are also exclusive to the many services physical therapists offer.

Did you know that many of the providers working for Concierge Orthopedics also provide personal training, nutrition and wellness services.

But why?

I feel it is best said by Concierge Orthopedic's very own, Dr. Shania Grode, "gains beyond discharge". In fact, she feels so strongly about post discharge progress she wrote an entire webinar for us.

Upon discharge, many of our patients fall into what we commonly refer to as "gaps in care." Therapy is no longer medically necessary but can still be beneficial. CO aims to be your providers for a healthier lifestyle not just treatment of one pathology. To better empower our patients, we train them!

Potential benefits of personal training following PT:

1) Maintain gains made in treatment.

2) Improve beyond level of pathology and increase activity levels.

3) Weight loss and muscle gain.

4) Empowerment! We are all capable of more than we think.

And lets be honest, would you prefer a personal trainer with an online certificate or a doctoral level expert in the musculoskeletal system?

Interested in finding PTs That Train in your area?

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