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R&R, We're All Craving It!

But what does R&R have to do with physical therapy? The APTA's goal of focusing on health, wellness, and injury prevention opened up new areas of specialties for providers. At Concierge Orthopedics we focus on providing care that traditional insurance company is quick to deny. Wellness, fall prevention, caregiver instruction, and recovery are taboo when working to get coverage.

So how do we deliver? Take a look at Dr. Gregorio below demonstrating some of her goals for recovery sessions.

Recovery session goals include:

1)Active Recovery:

LISS low intensity steady stat cardio

2) Mobility:

multi-segmental rotation, hip and ankle focus for basketball players

3) Isometrics:

For pain relief, knee and ankle focus

4) Light Plyometrics/Explosive Drills:

single leg and landing work, continue to increase energy and athleticism to improve foundational movements

Other Goals Include:

1) Recover Faster
2) Optimize Movement
3) Promote Mobility (after in-season travel)
4) Increase Athleticism

Passive Recovery Can Include:

1) Joint Mobilization or Manipulations:

improve mobility and pain relief.

2) Soft Tissue Mobilization with Movement and Cupping:

Increase blood flow and removal of metabolic waste

The ultimate goal= Faster Recovery

A special thank you to Dr. Olivia Gregorio for her recovery session expertise. You can book a session with her in the Manhattan or New Jersey areas.


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