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Starting Strong

Today we dive into back to sport screening with the Functional Movement Screen, FMS, and CO's favorite student athlete. (Not that I'm biased at all!)

Research shows utilizing systematic screening followed by injury prevention programs also improves sports performance. So why wouldn't we implement a sports specific program for our athletes?

FMS uses a scale from 0-3 to score functional movements. A score of 0 indicates pain with the movement, 1 indicates they are unable to perform the movement, 2 indicates they perform the pattern with compensation and 3 indicates they perform the pattern as directed.

We will start with the active straight leg raise. You can see from the video that Rory's right side is tighter than his left. We move to shoulder mobility. Internal rotation of right shoulder is slightly less than the left. Restricted internal rotation of athlete's throwing arm is a common finding.

Rory has difficulty with the hurdle step over. The right leg performance is better than the left but we scored him a 2 for both. Rotary stability is compromised and received a rating of 2 on FMS scale.

Trunk stability push-up reveals score of 3 indicating the ability to perform the activity as directed. His in-line lunge mobility is good but coordination and balance continue to be difficult. Rory's deep squat shows good range of motion but will likely improve with core stability and balance training. Both lunge and squat receive a 2.

Stay tuned next week as we dive into sports specific training program for Rory!

What's Your Favorite Injury Prevention Program?

  • FIFA 11

  • Sportsmetrics WIPP

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