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Staying Strong

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Last week you saw Rory's functional movement spring to prep for his return to football. This week we dive into sport-specific training to prepare for the season.

We use the FIFA 11+ for conditioning.

Part 1: Warm Up

  1. Light jogging: 2 min

  2. Hip out: 1 min

  3. Hip in: 1 min

  4. Shoulder kicks: 1 min

  5. Quick forwards and backward: 1 min

Part 2: Plyometrics Balance

  1. Plank: 2x30 secs

  2. Side plank: 4x5 secs

  3. Nordic hamstring curls: 2x10

  4. Single leg stance: 2x30 secs each leg

  5. Squats: 2x10

  6. Vertical jumps: 2x30

Part 3: Running

  1. Bounding

  2. Plant and cut

Rory will progress to include Copenhagen adduction exercises and lunges as indicated in his FMS. What else would you include? Concierge Orthopedics loves your input!

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