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The Birds, The Bees, and PT

Don’t worry, this isn’t the talk you’re thinking it will be.

We want to know…….when do you refer out to a pelvic floor specialist?

I’ve talked with our newest hire, Dr. Alexandra Bertucci, a pelvic floor specialist and licensed sex counselor. I wanted to know where we as direct care outpatient providers have missed the boat on referring out.

Here are some pearls of wisdom she had to offer……

  1. Make it a practice to ask every patient if they have incontinence. Get used to asking “do you have any urinary leakage with activity or otherwise?”

  2. You know those patients with pesky hip, low back, and SI pain you just can’t get rid of? Refer out! They could have pelvic floor dysfunction playing into their pain. (Especially when they are post-partum)

  3. Anyone with a history of abdominal surgery benefits from a consult. Remember, that can be performed laparoscopically or vaginally.

  4. Pelvic floor therapy isn’t limited to females…….because males have a pelvic floor too!

  5. Every female with a C-section needs to be taught scar tissue mobilization.

In general, the public does not know the full scope of care physical therapists provide. I’m making it our mission as a company to change that!

It starts with working together, sharing knowledge, and making care truly patient-centric.


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