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The Face Behind The Marketing Curtain

This week, I interviewed Kayley Hall, our very own social media director and content creator here at Concierge Orthopedics. You may have chatted with her over the phone or gotten an email containing our custom marketing materials from her, but who IS the face behind the marketing curtain? Let's find out!

How long have you been with C/O?

I started working with Concierge Orthopedics in August of 2021! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by working with Kelli on this amazing project- I've witnessed this thing built from the ground up and it's inspired me as a creator every step of the way!

How did you get started in managing social media and content creation?

I got my start in social media totally by chance and in the most random place possible; I was invited on a last-minute mission trip to Haiti 3 weeks after graduating college and, being unsure about the news internship I was set to begin, no official career goals in mind, and no idea what to do next, I dropped everything and booked the flight! I was utterly humbled on the trip and fell in love with the creativity and sense of community that lived in the areas we visited. One of the pastors on the trip connected me with a creative lead on his non-profit marketing team and I found myself in the internship of my dreams!

I learned from some of the most incredible graphic designers, copywriters, and social media strategists in the business how to use these tools to change the world for the better. I fell in love with providing these organizations the power to grow and impact people with their light and life-changing resources. I found that creating for causes I believed in made me feel fulfilled and passionate about my career and I haven't stopped since!

What is your favorite part of social media management?

I love the sense of community and purpose I'm able to build through social media. My job allows me to create a voice and personality for each company I work with- This is like a megaphone for amazing people like Kelli Chandler who can make a real impact on their communities, and I get to amplify their vision and goals to the people that can benefit most from these amazing ideas!

What is the most challenging part of your job?

The creative burnout! I love doing what I do, but one thing that all creatives deal with is frequent burnout. Writer's block is real, and it happens often... Conceptualizing marketing strategies and then designing and implementing the pieces of that puzzle takes long hours and lots of brain juice. My top ways to beat burnout are 1. have someone to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm with often! And 2. Have a system in place so that once you have developed the ideas, you can turn the creative brain off and switch to autopilot!

How does your personality shine through the content you create for clients?

I'd say the niche I find my content falling into more often than not reflects my personality a lot: I always say yes to the clients I feel have the strongest visions and the most passionate goals. I'm a very passionate person and always go above and beyond to be warm and welcoming. I'd like to think my content gets the vision across while making the brand feel inclusive and open-armed to build an eclectic community! I'm also very much a minimalist which definitely shines through in my graphics!

What is your number one piece of advice for beginning social media and content creation?

Look in the most "you" places for opportunities! Seek out things you care about or that light a fire inside of you, whether it's food, art, people, dogs, or whatever, and find your niche there! It is so much easier to talk about things you care about than things you don't- so as long as you are immersed in your passions, you'll find opportunities! For example, in PT, athletics may be trending but if you are passionate about Arthritis or Neuro PT, settle into that community and impact the people there- you won't connect with people in a niche if you aren't into the same things and burnout will happen a lot quicker.

Do you have any exciting hobbies or fun facts that allow us to learn more about the face behind all of the incredible C/O social media?

I am an avid gardener and crazy dog mom! My fiance and I have 2 very bad dogs we love very much (I like to tell people, imagine the dog from "Marley and Me" but there are 2 of him, and one is way furrier... haha!). We live in a very dog-friendly community and when we're not in the garden, we're on a trail or at a park trying to wear these two wild fur babies out! When we are in the garden, I'm tending to one of the 25 varieties of fruit and veg we planted this past spring (a crazy undertaking, don't recommend lol!), or planning our fall garden bed which we break ground for in late September. My strawberries make a mean jam that I'm told goes best on my homemade sourdough! I'm also big into craft beer, traveling, and horror movies!

What have you learned about PT since beginning with C/O?

Everything I know! I did not know much about PT before signing on with Concierge Orthopedics but I learn a little more about this amazing medical magic from healing hands all over the US every day! Kelli has built an incredible team of people who love what they do and I never stop learning from them. Each PT we feature on social media or chat with over the phone, I am introduced to a new specialty, technique, or school of thought!

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