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What They Don't Want You To Know About PT...

For decades, physical therapists, like many medical professionals, have had to vie for the recognition and accreditation they deserve. Years of study, practice, and countless certifications/ degrees later and the power of PT is still being suppressed! Today, we are SPILLING THE TEA on PT and what it can really do for you.

Physical Therapy encompasses so much more than is common knowledge... and that's a problem.

When we feel unwell, we know to go to the doctor. Every year, we go in for a gyno check-up. Even our teeth get a routine checkup, and we know the signs and symptoms to look for when going to each medical professional for help. So why don't we really know what physical therapists do? And why is it so uncommon for us to check in with them regularly?

To answer this question simply, a PT, similar to a physician or dentist, deals with treatment. However, PT also addresses prevention, and maintenance, and covers a wider variety of issues, not just one area of the body. PT is a broad spectrum of things, from injury recovery to lymphedema management to ergonomically correct workout program building, and even how to swing a golf club properly...

Physical Therapy changes lives.

Sex lives, social lives, home lives... all lives!

From pelvic floor treatments for things like pain during sex, erectile dysfunction, tight hips, chronic vaginal pain, and even peeing when sneezing... Physical Therapy can really change the way you feel about sex! Not only that but by managing pain, helping address route causes of poor sleep habits, weight management with exercise programs or just correcting posture, PT can change the way you live life every day! Surprised?

What else can PT do for me?

While listing every area of your life PT could be used would take forever, here are some broad categories you could possibly see a PT for. Remember that these are just snapshots of possible specialties a PT might have and there is a likely chance that if what you need isn't on here, a PT can still help with that!

Acute Care: ex Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Rehab centers Aquatics & recovery Cardiovascular and Pulmonary specializations Clinical Electrophysiology and Wound Management: ex EMG diagnosis and diabetic wound debridement Education in schools, leading high school sports programs, PT for student-athletes, etc. Federal: in prisons Geriatrics Hand and Upper Extremity specializations Health Policy and Administration: non-clinical settings Home Health Neurology: ex spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, post-stroke Oncology: ex lymphedema specialists Orthopedics: includes manual therapy and exercise Pediatrics Pelvic Health: men and women Sports & athlete work Wheelchair evaluations

Work Conditioning

Vestibular: ex dizziness caused by inner ear or upper cervical spine

Now What?

Concierge Orthopedics is host to so many amazing Physical Therapists all over the country. From Sex PTs to sports trainers and lymphedema specialists, we have someone to chat with you! Email us under the "Contact" tab about what PT can do for you and we will set you up with a professional for an in-person or telehealth consultation!

Let's get you on track to being you again!

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