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The Weather is Warming up and So are We!

As we step into spring, sports kick-off, and the sun comes out for a little longer watch day, let's shine a light on proper warm-up and stretching techniques for ourselves and our patients!

Our very own, Clyde Staley, PT, DPT, took us out for a game of classic football (soccer if you're in the US!) to kick off the spring season! As a semi-pro soccer player in Tampa, FL, and a full-time physical therapist, his stretching routine before each practice and game has become, as he said, "almost a ritual at this point." Staley has pressed the importance of getting and staying warm for both games and practice on his team, as well as his professional sports PT clients for years. His knowledge of both the sports world and the PT world have combined to bring us THIS killer warm-up! Check it out.

To see more from Clyde Staley, follow him on Instagram @ChiefClydesdale or check out his profile under our "About-> Specialists" TAB above!

Clyde Staley



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