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There's An App For That

In August 2021 I began laying the groundwork for Concierge Orthopedics very own mobile application. I realize it's October of 2023, but we are getting closer everyday to the app's launch.

To celebrate submission from our developer to the Apple and Google Play stores I wanted to give our audience a "sneak peak" of the work flow and capabilities the CO app offers.

Users, patients looking for care, create their own customized profile. Locations services allow for patients to find providers in their state for Telehealth or in their local area for in-person visits.

A variety of visits are offered from our over 30 providers. Use the filters on the app to find a perfect fit for you.

Therapists create profiles to list their charges, determine their travel range, and highlight their speciality skill set. From dry needling to wellness, CO physical therapists have a provider for every patient.

Each physical therapist customizes their schedule as well as prices. Patients request visits and keep track of charges on the application. CO app is powered by Stripe allowing patients to securely pay for each visit.

As a provider, utilizing Stripe allows for your 80% payment of each visit to be deposited at the time of the visit.

And that's not all!

We streamlined documentation so every evaluation and daily note are accessed and completed within the app and stored by HIPPAA compliant servers.

We hope you all are as excited as the CO leadership team is to continue to grow our tech and our community through new innovations.

So my only question......what's stopping you from getting back to what you love?

Download the app.

Schedule your visit.

Become your own boss.


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