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Trick-or-Treat Boot Camp

We are kicking off our trick-or-treat training boot camp as we gear up for Halloween! We've got a fun (and mess-free) game to help with balance and agility. Grab your kids, their halloween buckets, and some bean bags (we used 1 lb bag weights). Line up the buckets. Get creative! Have the kids place the bags on top of their feet and then raise that foot to dump the bag in the bucket. Have the kids play around with where they stand. Ask "is it harder or easier the closer you are?" Can you cross over your balancing leg? Can you go backwards? Give a few directions and stand back to see what their little creative juices come up with.

Why balance games you may ask? Kids are growing fast. They are getting used to controlling their ever-changing bodies. Balance and coordination don't appear overnight. Just like their first steps, these skills take practice. And practice makes perfect! Single leg balance also helps with something called proprioception. Proprioception is knowing where your body is in space. Growing kids need to constantly test and learn their bodies. Balance is a key skill used for daily activities as well as sports.

Check out our video below to see trick-or-treat boot camp in action!

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