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Trotting Like A Turkey and Jingling Like Santa

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Starting a holiday with group physical activity dates all the way back to the 1800's! The first turkey trot was in Buffalo, NY at a YMCA in 1896. Six According to the YMCA website, a total of six people competed. It is now the "longest consecutively run race in the world." Tuck that fun fact into your cap. If you were anywhere in Texas your trot was likely rained out this year. But that didn't stop my family! We pre-gamed our turkey dinner with a family the rain.

But why is this important to me? (And should be to you!) As physical therapists or patients of any of our PT's, you know we preach the benefits of frequent movement.

In a recent article published in APTA "How Exercise Influences Your Brain" supports the findings of "feel-good" brain chemicals increasing during physical activity. Think dopamine and endorphins.

Exercise also calms down the messages from your frontal lobe. Your frontal lobe aids in social interaction, what to say and not say, but when it's dampened your creativity often flows more freely. Think of all the problems solved when you aren't worrying about if you switched over the laundry or sent in your kids permission slip.

Other benefits proven through literature include decreased anxiety disorder, lower risk of morality in Parkinson's patients, and reduced risk of dementia. You can read more in "Let's Move: 5 Studies Supporting Physical Activity's Long-Term Health Benefits"

So let's get moving! All those turkeys have trotted by but there is still time to sign up for a Jingle Bell Run near you. Use the link below to find one in your area. Don't forget to send Concierge Orthopedics your pics.

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