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Weekend Warriors and Resolution Setters

Three weeks into the new year means three weeks into new workout regimens and eating routines. You‘re likely seeing the repercussions of patients throwing themselves into new physical activities, at an often unrecommended pace.

How do you manage these patients in your practice?

Because if you haven’t seen them yet, they are coming, and they are hurting.

But have no fear. We’ve got some ideas!

1. Find out their end goal.

  • Is it a race?

  • Weight loss?

  • Specific health gains?

2. Can you break their goal into mini-goals?

  • Couch to 5k vs half marathon training

3. Can you generate a written goal plan?

  • Help them pace their goals and increase at a safe rate.

  • Remember, goals unwritten are just dreams.

4. Schedule regular check-ups for injury prevention.

Book them ahead of time for compliance.

5. Organize a maintenance program.

  • I know, I know! Insurance doesn’t cover maintenance.

  • In that case, give us a call to get started running your own cash-pay practice.

Takeaway: Work with your patients to safely increase physical activity. As physical therapists, we are the best equipped and trained professionals to help with activity increase goals. Let’s switch our mindset to injury prevention from injury treatment. And most importantly, let's show the community we know our stuff!

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