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Why Pre Habilitation is Crucial for Successful Physical Therapy

The work before THE WORK.

You've likely heard of the term pre-hab thrown around. But what is pre-hab and how does it differ from rehab?

A typical pre-surgical scenario involves patient's experiencing pain from their injury, fear of moving, and confusion on the activities allowed for them. Surgery immediately following injury rarely occurs. This leaves patient's waiting for their scheduled date without much information. The scenario described is a perfect opportunity for pre habilitation to shine.

Pre habilitation visits include......

Education about the patient's injury.

Anatomy of the injury. How the injury occurred and why your body is responding in this way.

Pain Management

What tools do you have to reduce your pain? Physical Therapist's are experts in pain science and neuro modulation. Our goal is and always will be to allow you to manage your pain without narcotics if possible.

Safe Movement

Pain debilitates injured people. What will happen if I injury it further? What if I'm messing up the surgery before it begins? What if my pain worsens? Movement is medicine and PTs are experts in guiding patients through safe activities. With our expert knowledge in anatomy and tissue damage we instruct patients on how to perform daily activities safely. Getting in and out of bed, dressing, bathing, getting in and out of the car are just a few of the activities often difficult after injury.

Goals for Pre Surgery

Every patient and procedure differ but below are my priorities with prehab.

  1. Mobility: maximize safe movement before surgery to maximize post-surgical movement

  2. Pain management: guidance on positions for sleeping, sitting, and other activities causing pain. Exercise in safe range of motions can reduce joint or soft tissue pain when done correctly and in moderation.

  3. Muscle activation: muscles work to protect the injury. Protection is provided by muscle guarding or muscle deactivation. Your pre-hab visit includes examination of the involved joint/tissue to decrease muscle guarding and pain or activate vital muscles needed for normal movement and life.

It makes sense that the better you are going into surgery the better you will feel coming out. Do you or someone you know have an upcoming operation? Consider booking your pre habilitation physical therapy appointment with any of Concierge Orthopedics licensed providers today!

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