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One of the challenges with social media is getting the most bang for your buck. Creating great content that isn't sent at good times is as effective as no content. So how do you assure you post at correct times? Kayley Hall-Johnson, CO's Social Media Director, diligently monitors the analytics of our account. Which posts get the most views? What times are more interactive? She uses the information to create and post to get Concierge Orthopedics the most exposure.

But what if the best time is in the middle of dinner or your commute? Meta now offers the ability for professional accounts to schedule posts out for up to 75 days! We are here for it! One of the best features with CO subscription is access to our social media library. Providers can now use these sharables to plan posts for months in advance.

Check out the info straight from Instagram themselves below.

How to schedule a post or Reel on Instagram

  • Open the Instagram app, tap and tap Post or Reel.

  • Select a photo or video and add a caption, effects and filters. Tap (Android) or Next (iOS).

  • Tap Advanced settings.

  • Tap Schedule.

  • Select a date and time up to 75 days away.

  • Tap Done.

  • Tap the back button.

  • Tap Schedule to schedule the post or Reel.

A few things to note:

You must have a professional account to access the scheduled posts feature. Cross posting to Facebook isn't currently offered but scheduling posts on FB is available. Use the link below to access Facebooks help pages for scheduled posts.

So what's stopping you from growing your social media presence? Take a look at just some of the content included with your CO subscription.

Become a provider and build your own practice with Concierge Orthopedics!

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