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Why Concierge Orthopedics?

I've been treating in outpatient orthopedics for the last eight years. My favorite part of my job is the patients. I love to hear what they do, where they are from, what are their hobbies, etc. I love to see how I can help them to return to things the are having difficulty doing because of their injuries. And most importantly, I love to celebrate with them when they accomplish those goals.

Most of my childhood I wanted to be a physician like my brilliant grandfather, the late Dr. A.K. Busby. When I realized the small town physicians that knew each patient so well were dwindling,

I began to explore other avenues of healthcare. The most brilliant man I knew, who happened to be my uncle, Nat Grubbs, was a physical therapist. After many prayers, and some tears, I chose to follow in his foot steps and pursue a career in physical therapy. It was still medical but with one key difference, the emphasis was on relationships with the patient. This was right up my alley!

Going into physical therapy school I wanted to practice in pediatrics or neuro. I quickly learned two things that first year in school......I didn't want anything to do with pediatrics or neuro. I was interested in only one area of physical therapy school, manual physical therapy. I wasn't just interested, I loved it! Everything about it. The people, the skill of it, the mental challenge. It was a perfect fit. I have thrown myself into it for the past eight years. I did a manual therapy residency, a manual therapy certification, a manipulative certification, and finally the biggest accomplishment in specialization, a fellowship in manual physical therapy.

I believe that it was because of this work that I received a job with Cirque du Soleil working with their performers. I spent the last four years working with Olympic athletes, Julliard trained dancers, trainers from the NHL and NFL. For years I have had patients say "I wish you could come to my home!" And I finally thought, well why can't I? So Concierge Orthopedics was formed two months after moving back to Dallas Fort Worth. I can now offer everything that an outpatient clinic offers, but in the comfort of your home. We provide trigger point dry needling, manipulation, massage, therapeutic exercise, kinesio taping, and even post-mastectomy care. We can accommodate any schedule with our flexible hours. I am so excited about this new adventure.

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