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March 2024 Physical Therapist Highlight

Dr. Stephanie Renzoni

Baseball Mom, Wife, and Physical Therapist

Learn more about our March feature PT, Dr. Stephanie Renzoni.

She juggles home life, full time work, and the launch of her new CO practice all while crushing revenue records and making it look easy.

Here is what she had to say to us.

1) Favorite thing about being a PT?

Ability to help people overcome pain and dysfunction to be able to do something they couldn’t before. The human body is amazing when you really think of all the movements we have and things it can do. When someone is injured or in pain, being able to help with that so they can get back to their life is one of the most rewarding things

2) Why did I go into cash pay PT?

I won’t lie. Initially I was skeptical. The thought of obtaining clients that will pay cash for services that are sometimes covered by insurance was daunting. However, insurance reimbursement is becoming less and less . Our society is so very reactive to injury instead of proactive. By having the ability to see clients for what THEY need not what insurance thinks they need based on a physicians diagnosis makes the ability to heal and stay healthy obtainable.

3) How did I find CO?

I was burned out. Job searching opened my eyes to what is out there. When I heard about the ability to be autonomous in my practice and not dictated by insurance, I WAS SOLD. Wisconsin allows patients to have “direct access” to a Physical Therapist. However, often times this is unknown when traveling through the healthcare system as patients are made to believe they must see a doctor for a “prescription” for PT and then wait sometimes weeks before getting into the clinic. Direct access in Wisconsin allows me to see patients for an injury while having the knowledge to determine if a referral to a physician is warranted due to possibly something that PT won’t fix.

4) What can I say about the hiring and onboarding process?

From the moment I made contact with Shania here in WI all I could say was “Wow.” The support, encouragement, mentoring and overall “we’re here for you Stephanie, we want you to succeed” mantra has been overflowing. No matter what type of question or when it may pop into my head, someone Is always there for me.

5) Tips/tricks for recruiting patients?

Kelli has guided me SO much in this area. She made it very simple. Analyze what you can offer to patients-what skills do you have? Extra certifications? Then focus your marketing to groups you are already a part of-children’s sports teams , church groups, local coffee shops. I am in a local mom group on facebook that is similar to an online rummage type group. I offered money off an initial evaluation and obtained patients through that. Support from family and friends means the world to me and they have been my biggest cheerleaders!

When I completed PT school 13 years ago I said multiple times-“I will never own my business. I’m not a business major. I know nothing about that.” Joining CO has completely changed that.

The support and mentoring from this group of individuals has been outstanding. They want YOU to succeed so YOUR business sustains you. I went to PT school to make a difference, treat patients, heal them-not do documentation for insurance companies all day. CO lets me have the

freedom to of course do my documentation but focus on the patient-the real purpose of this career.


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