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Making Every Shot Count

March always brings to mind basketball, Vegas, and bracketology. Players put in work all season and off season to prep for a shot to make it to the "Big Dance."

We've pulled some of our favorite drills for "dance" prep to keep your athletes engaged and healthy through the year.

Take a glimpse into our game.......

For our training session Blazepods were utilized to "gameify" drills and set goals.

  • Agility: player has to hit the pod lighting up. Pods are lined up into a square formation. Great for working on multi-directional sprints and reactivity.

  • Ball Handling: using cones to dribble, cut, turn, and dribble away. Focus on keeping the ball low and switching hands to dribble when direction changes.

  • Balance: single leg stance while catching the ball. Move around the player to work on stability at all angles.

  • Dynamic Core Strength: planks with single arm movements to hit blue pod only. Works to improve core stability with outside disturbances to make it more dynamic.

  • Lateral Stability: sidelying plank and blazepods in semi-circle. Moving the top arm requires oblique muscles to work harder to stabilize.

  • Plyometrics: jumping as high as possible holding the ball and landing softly. Working on explosiveness as well as healthy landing techniques.

  • Pivot Turns: keep one foot planted and pivot to hit the blazepod lighting up. Prepares players for real game scenarios and teaches healthy turning techniques to protect meniscus.

We hope our drills help you and your players this March. For more great athlete workouts check out our post on Staying Strong.


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